Welcome to the Website of the Crown Forces of North America (or CFNA) which is the home page for a listing of those War of 1812 Living History or Re-Enactment Units and Groups that represent the British, Canadian, Militia, and Native Ally units of that conflict.

This is a portal to those organisations and groups - to find their location(s), contact information, and any or all web presences they have available to learn more about them... as well as a repository of information about The Crown Forces and their efforts.

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2020 - 2021: About COVID-19 and Crown Forces Events a message from General Williams...

Dear Friends,

As we are all aware the current world health situation is in constant flux. Because of this, events are being cancelled in response to the ongoing situation.

At this time it is unknown how many events this will effect. We have been keeping in touch with the various sites and we are announcing cancellations as they happen.

Unfortunately, as you are all aware, there is no timetable for the pandemic to be "over". With this in mind we will continue to monitor the situation week by week and try to keep you informed of any changes.

May we all wait patiently in the hope that this will be over soon and that none of us is stricken by this.

We hope that at some point in the not too distant future to see you all on the field and in camp. Until then, please be careful, take all necessary precautions and be well.

As ever, I have the honour to remain,
Craig Williams


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The re-created Military Re-enactment Units of
United States Forces
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